Class 58 Simulators

Train Simulators


BVE is a FREE direct 3D train cab simulator. Developed in Japan by Mackoy and modified for the UK, it offers a realistic cab view with sounds and moving controls on the majority of scenarios. Rather than try and explain the entire process or links for downloading, we suggest that you type ‘BVE’ into your search engine to see exactly what you can do with this open-source material.

However, Steve Thomas, a BVE developer from Cardiff has been working on the Class 58 driving cab and has been asking the C58LG for assistance with the development of the cab environment. A few of his screen-shots are below which are from various different locos with and without TPWS as can be seen from the images!:

‘Open BVE’

Open BVE is, again, a FREE train simulator with more and more realism added as well as external views being possible. Again, we have been working with Steve Thomas to try and make the computer-generated images look as realistic as possible. The images below show 58050 in EWS livery: