Class 58s Status

Ever wanted to know what the current location of the remaining Class 58's.

is a current list of the whole Class 58 fleet which will be updated when any changes occur, and also a separate list will show the when and where the others where disposed.

       TOPS No.                 Operator/Owner               Livery       Pool Code                                       Location                                                        Status
58001ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58004TSOETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58005ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58006ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58007TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58009TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58010TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58011TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58012DBSWQCAToton CompoundStored
58013ETFTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, FranceStored
58015TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, Spain(W)
58016C58LGFertis-UKRL, LeicesterRestoration
58018TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58020TransfesaContinental Rail?WZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L43
58021ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58022DBSMainline GreyWQCACrewe DieselStored
58023DBSWQCAToton CompoundStored
58024TransfesaGIFWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L42
58025Continental RailwaysGIFWQCAADIF Albacete Spain
58026TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58027Continental RailwaysContinental RailWQCAADIF Albacete SpainCarries No. L52
58029TransfersaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L44
58030TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L46
58031TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L45 & Named Caballero Ferroviario
58032ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58033TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58034TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58035TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58036ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58038ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58039ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58040TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58041TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Albacete SpainCarries No. L36 &
58042ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58043TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No. L37 &
58044ETFETFWQCAWoippy Yard, Metz, FranceSquare Wheels
58046TSOTSOWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58047TransfesaContinental RailWZFSADIF Monforte Del Cid, SpainCarries No L51
58049ETFETFWQCAAlizay Depot, Rouen, France
58050Continental RailwaysContinental RailWQCAADIF Albacete SpainCarries No L53