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Class 58 models in ‘OO’ gauge: HORNBY

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first Class 58 to appear in model form was Hornby’s Railfreight liveried 58001 which hit the shelves between 1984 and 1989 - the same time that the real 1:1 examples were being built in Doncaster Works!

Since that time, many variants have followed with different running numbers and in the various liveries carried by the class during their working life in the UK. Whilst the models lacked the most intensive detail, at least the fleet had made an entry into the market allowing layouts to be dreamt up featuring a truly industrial ‘modern’ scene (or at least what was ‘modern’ back then!).

Obviously, as the years progressed, modellers became more and more interested in making their layouts as near realistic as possible. The Class 58 by Hornby unfortunately was quite a basic model by the standards now being set, but thanks to a set of detailing kits, a slightly more realistic looking loco could now be achieved. With these standards getting higher and higher year on year, will Hornby look at re-tooling their model to compete with the recent Heljan release? Only time will tell!

Below is a full list of known Hornby Class 58 model productions, including two models that were planned, but never made it:

Loco No. Livery Details Released Cat. No.
58001 Railfreight red-stripe 1984-1987 R250
58002 & 58005 Mainline Blue Both named locos. 58005 dummy unit. Both locos weathered. 2003-2004 R2336
58003 Trainload Coal Weathered ? R2252B
58006 Trainload Coal 1990-1991 R332
58007 Railfreight Number both ends (incorrect) 1982 R250
58007 Railfreight Number one end (correct) 1983 R250
58008 Mainline Blue NOT MADE R2071
58021 Mainline Blue “Hither Green Depot” 1997 R2011B
58023 Mainline Blue “Peterborough Depot” 1997-1998 R2011A
58024 & 58037 EW&S Maroon (024); EWS Maroon (037) Both weathered 2004 R2411
58025 Coal grey 1990-1991 R332
58027 Railfreight red-stripe ? R250
58030 EWS Maroon 1999 R2125A
58033 EW&S early maroon 2003-2004 R2346
58034 Railfreight red-stripe “Bassetlaw” 1988-1989 R283
58037 EWS Maroon 1997-1998 R2034
58039 EWS Maroon 1999 R2125B
58041 Trainload Coal Named & weathered 2003-2004 R2252A
58042 Mainline Blue “Petrolea” 1997 R2011C
58044 Trainload Coal 1990-1991 R332
58046 Trainload Coal “Thornaby Colliery” 2003-2004 R2345
58047 Trainload Coal “Manton Colliery” 2004 R2252B
58047 EWS Maroon 2000-2002 R2125C
58048 Railfreight red-stripe Ex-R887 set 1994 R262
58048 EW&S Maroon NOT MADE R2072
58050 Trainload Coal “Toton Traction Depot” 1989 R705
58050 Mainline Blue “Toton Traction Depot” 1996 R358
58050 Trainload Coal Named & weathered 2002 R2252